Six o'clock, heading up from a day's lazing on the beach at Lacanau. Everyone is ready for the evening, even the surfers after a hard day battling with the waves. It's time for "Lacanau By Night" with all your friends...

Aperitif time - happy hour on the waterfront

A few steps from the beach, on the seafront is the terrace of Mulligan's - what a great way to start a great evening! A drink overlooking the water, and at happy hour, the atmosphere is really friendly. We have a laugh about our day and watching everybody in such a good mood makes me think it's going to be a fun evening too. There's a band playing in the bar, summer music for a summer's day.

Latin restaurant

Allée Pierre Ortal is the busiest of Lacanau's main strips. It's impossible not to stop for a few moments in the surf shops but when you get hungry you've got to eat, and we've worked up an appetite! We decide on the Cantina de Cantabria with its top terrace, Latin jambo music vibe going down type thing and exotic decor. Colourful cocktails all round and we're in the party mood. The food is superb - the maximum plancha, prosciutto, cheese, tortillas, chorizo and other tapas. What follows- meat, fish, burgers - is even better!.

Bar hopping

Having feasted, it is time to return to the streets, where the atmosphere has really warmed up. The terrace music bars are all full - we drag ourselves into the Kontiki bar with its beach sand floor. The surfing spirit is alive here and we like it a lot - the group of English lads who come to join us seem to like it too. On holiday here, they are quite uninhibited and like having a laugh with is us little Frenchies - but we give as good as we get!

Later, we all go to the the bar next door, the Modjo. It's pretty crowded at the bar and on the dance floor, but the atmosphere is really festive. The bartenders have a show going on and they literally set fire to the bar. Some people like to step back from the fun and land at a table while some of the other lads scatter out in the crowd to see who they can meet.

The evening's results

  • a chance to try out our English

  • an explosion of flavours

  • a feeling of being on holiday at last!

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