Whether with the family, with friends on a picnic blanket on the sand, or with that special someone, don't miss the sunset over the Atlantic. The best places to watch the sun go down are at Lacanau, Carcans Plage and or Hourtin. Some spots are busy and lively, others more discreet and out of the way.

My favorite spot! Carcans Beach, up on the dune, the very best place to see the sun set!


In summer, the lifeguard watch ends at 7 pm. The beach is then up to you! It's the perfect time for the famous French aperitif - always in moderation, of course.

Whether with your toes in the water or at the top of the dunes, you'll be intoxicated by the sea air, enchanted by the so-special fragrances of summer nights, and be highly impressed by the antics of the surfers, reluctant to return to shore.

Relax, stretch back, and enjoy the show

Remember, from mid-August sun sets quickly - why not bring some candles to extend the evening on the beach?

Before going to the beach, don't forget::

  • Cold rosé wine from the winery on the corner

  • A corkscrew (ok that sounds obvious, but so many forget!)

  • Grenier Médocain spreads (a delicious local recipe)

  • The kite for children

  • The guitar (and a good guitarist!)

  • The camera - the late afternoon light makes everyone look beautiful;)

Scan the horizon after the sun goes down and if conditions are just right, you may see the elusive and mysterious Green Flash (we have never seen it ourselves!), Capture it on camera and share it at #océanesque. Be ready because it is a particularly fleeting phenomenon...

You'll experience:

  • An evening out of time 

  • A night disconnected from the world (no signal on the beach!)

  • A postcard evening :-)

Luckily, the sun sets every day, all year round! In these parts they say that towards Autumn, the earlier sunsets are the best because the children are in a better mood, the dog is less hungry and the aperitif starts earlier!

When you leave, remember your rubbish - there are plenty bins on the beach - please use them.

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