Up early, one man and his bike...

I'm finally back on my bike! Seven months ago I had to stop cycling - the sport I love so much - because of an inflammation. I've been looking forward to this holiday for what seems like forever, and after six hours driving, I am absolutely champing at the bit...

We've rented a lovely cottage in a campsite in Lacanau Ocean and my family is still sleeping deeply. They can take advantage of holiday alte riser, but that's out of the question for me - I'm back in the saddle!

What a treat, the sun rises, the temperature is ideal for a few kilometers on the new bike my wife got me for my fortieth birthday.

It's going to take some time to wear the old body back into the rhythm of cycling after such a long break, but I don't care - the landscape is flat and I can build up gently.

Everything is programmed into my GPS, and off I go for 30 km - that will do for today. The track is beautiful, the sun's rays pierce the pine forest. and I reach speeds of 30 kmh - better than I expected!

I take a short detour since things are going so well... adding a few climbs and descents - fantastic! In the end I didn't even need my GPS - the signposts are really well organised everywhere - even the number of kilometers is signed along the way!

I stop for a moment, unable to resist the temptation to take a selfie with my super bike and cyclist gear! I'll post it on facebook tonight to taunt my friends back home. Shame i couldn't get my phone out in time to get a picture of the deer that ran across my path earlier - ah well! It probably likes the calm out here, away from the cars, as much as I do. Sorry to have startled it....

Already an hour and a half on the road so I'd better get on! Everyone must be awake back at the campsite... A quick shower and we all trek to the market at Lacanau Ocean to get supplies for our holiday barbecue.

After lunch I'll get the kids' bikes ready - check the tyres, brakes and gears, then we'll all ride off to the lake for the first tan of the year!

Tomorrow, definitely, I'll put in 40 km at least! I'm going with the the local cycling club I met this morning on the track.

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