Here we are on the ferry! After 4 days of cycling, we’re now crossing the estuary! What a great idea taking your baby with you on a cycling holiday! Matthew and I fancied a holiday with a bit of variety and a nice challenge to do with our 2-year-old Eliott.

We left La Rochelle 4 days ago with the aim of getting to Bordeaux by way of Lacanau. We cycle about 30km per day (and yes, it is still a holiday!).

Eliott in his buggy behind Daddy’s bike while I take care of the luggage!

Vélo à port médoc


We come off the ferry and take a look around Port-Médoc. We have lunch on a terrace, looking out at the fabulous boats which have really caught Eliott’s eye. We have Médoc oysters… yes, there are oysters in Médoc! The restaurant owner explains that they are bought when they’re young and matured in tanks at the edge of the estuary (for around 2 months).

After lunch, we find out that there’s a little train which will take us to Soulac. We choose this option: 3 types of transport in the same day - fantastic!

Plage de Soulac


It’s half past four and we’ve moved into a charming bed and breakfast. We’re off to take a look around the pretty town of Soulac.

Listed as an ‘Ancient Village’, Soulac has over 500 villas known as "Les Soulacaises". Their architecture features spikes, lambrequins and cartouches and is a combination of stone, bricks, wood and ceramics. The sweeping seafront is a hive of activity and provides a stunning view of the Cordouan Lighthouse. Down on the beach, little blue and white huts give this seaside resort an air of times gone by. Swimming is still being supervised so we take the opportunity to go for a splash with Eliott and make sandcastles!

We end the afternoon with one of the famous Judici ice-creams (the Tourist Office gave us the address. Apparently, it’s an institution, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!).

Off to Hourtin by way of Montalivet market!

Here we are on our way to Montalivet-les-Bains for a gourmet snack at the market.

What a feast this market is! There are stalls everywhere selling drinks, oysters, Creole and Asian food, fresh fruit… a real trip for our tastebuds! I take the opportunity to buy some holiday souvenirs to take back to the family – from natural soaps to costume jewellery, there’s something for everyone!

Back on the Velodyssée cycling route, we head towards Hourtin Port where we have an appointment at 5 o’clock. Matthew has booked a kitesurfing lesson on the lake ; )

By the lakeside

This morning we are heading off to Carcans-Maubuisson / Lacanau Océan. We take a really delightful trail to Carcans! Here it’s called the “Lighthouse Route” and we’re surrounded by pine trees on a wide trail where all we come across is bikes! After this lovely ride, we make a detour onto the Bombannes estate by the lakeside. Eliott is having a whale of a time. He can touch the bottom and the turquoise water is lovely and warm… yet another tiny paradise.

It’s 4 o’clock and we’re heading off to Lacanau Océan where we’re spending the night. The cycle path is built on the dunes – it’s a bit hard going, but what a view! You can see the Cousseau pond on one side and the ocean on the other – utterly breathtaking!

It’s a wrap! This morning we’re back on the path heading towards Bordeaux where we’ll spend 2 days before taking the train back to La Rochelle. This first cycling holiday with Eliott has been an active and magical one! We must definitely do it again...