As a wonderful end to their holiday in Lacanau Océan, I’ve decided to take a couple of friends and their 7-year-old son to look around the famous Médoc vineyards....


After a 45-minute drive, we arrive at the Château Baudan in the small village of Listrac Médoc for a tour entitled “Let’s take a walk among the vines!”

For 2 hours, Alain, Sylvie and Sophie tell us about the history of the family estate, making it fun and entertaining!

On the programme is a tour of the château, the vat-house and the barrel cellar! We listen carefully as Louis has a quiz to do throughout the tour. At the end, he finds the answers to the game with the other children while we enjoy a quiet tasting.

There are even gifts! We really love the way they make it fun for all the family ; )


We head off towards Jau-Dignac and Loirac on the D2, the famous “Route des Châteaux”, with its views of the beautiful architecture of the wine-growing estates, stretching out as far as the eye can see.

We stop off at the Phare de Richard lighthouse for a Médoc-style picnic, with traditional bread, ‘grenier médocain’ (pork belly with garlic and spices) and the little ‘cannelé bordelaise’ fluted cakes providing the sweet note. After the hurly-burly of the ocean at Lacanau, we enjoy a quiet moment on the banks of the estuary. How calm it is!

After lunch, we visit the Phare de Richard, a magnificent 19th century monument rescued from oblivion by the young people from the town. Thanks to this historical interlude, we learn a great deal about the life of the Gironde estuary from the 19th century up to the present day.

At the very top, we marvel at the stunning view over the "Charentes" and the "polders" of the region. Louis is thrilled as he can really see himself as the lighthouse keeper!


We continue our exploration of Médoc with a visit to the Château Noaillac, a bourgeois mansion typical of the region’s wine-growing estates. It’s a real pleasure looking around this estate and we understand how passionate the owner is about the vines and his profession.


We finish our day by visiting the Noisettines du Médoc factory in Blaignan. I’ll leave you to imagine what is included in the tour, with their slogan “Tu crocs tu cracs” (Irresistible after just one bite).