...for a full three weeks. Our children, family and frinds all came to visit (some more than once) just to take advantage of this haven of peace!

Something for everyone

My husband Frank is thrilled to be able to play golf every morning, while the daily trip to the market is what gets me out of bed! A slice of apricot tart and coffee before a stop at the square with the grandchildren. The older kids are still asleep, and their parents have gone for a run along the ocean. I love seeing them so happy to get together and spend time with each other.

They're being quite serious about getting fit during their holiday - they're planning to run ten kilometres to the beach, and I know they'll have a swim in the sea before coming back!

Lunchtime is a free-for-all, with melons, cheeses, salads and other local treats - everyone dives in taking what they fancy. Lots of  laughter all round!

In the afternoon, the older children go for their surf lessons, Frank enjoys a nap in the shade of the pines, his snoring drowned out by the cicadas... and he dreams of the perfect swing!

I go with my daughter and her youngest for a  swim in the lake. Bikes at the ready, with buckets & spades, sunscreen and snacks in the basket! Fifteen minutes later, we're unrolling our towels and umbrellas on the beautiful Moutchic beach. The water is 25 °C - what's that in old money? 77! Goodness!

Stress-free, children happy, water perfect. The kids seem to have made lots of friends so we can read our summer bestsellers in peace!

We finish our stay on the beach with a pedalo trip which Nathan, the family fish, is absolutely over the moon about!

Six o'clock

Back to the villa, there will be 25 of us for dinner tonight becuase it's my birthday!! Frank does the barbecuse and we have shrimps and oysters to start.

I hope they got me that trip to the spa therapy centre I wanted - a massage and a facial - I hinted a couple of times...

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