Day 1 - yesterday already seems so long ago...

It's a long time since I've been woken up by anything other than the alarm on my phone... The first rays of the sun filtering through the window of our guest house come to gently remind me that this weekend is a time just for us! My boyfriend has been an absolute sweetheart, surprising with breakfast in bed...

To think that just 24 hours ago, we were still in a horrendous traffic jam trying to catch our flight at the airport. Now we have sun, fresh air and absolutely nothing planned!

10.30 am: at the seafront in Lacanau

We easily and quickly find a couple of bikes to rent, and our first ride to the ocean, which is rather short, makes me realise we're not likely to use the rented car very much! At low tide, and at this hour of the day, there are few people about so it's a very easy ride and walk around and on the beach. In fact, apart from a few strollers on the pedestrian boulevard on the top of the dunes, and some intrepid surfers, it's just us!

Midday - Lunch break in a coastal restaurant

Simple and generous cuisine with a great view - all we could ever ask for! We quickly made our choice among the restaurants on the waterfront, because although the frenzy of summer hasn't yet started, we really want the best view, and to take our time over lunch.

We take the bikes for an amazing ride all afternoon. We cover over twelve miles through a succession forest landscapes and incredible views of the lake and the Atlantic. Between typical villages and wild corners, we find plenty of places to take a break, taking as many pictures in our heads as with our phones.


7 pm - the last rays of sunshine and a well-deserved dinner

After a stop in our room to freshen up, we go out again for a combination of dinner and sunset - just perfect! The impression that time has stopped just for us is really exhilarating, and so rare!

Day 2

A new day far from home! It seems I have a surprise in store - I didn't expect to be riding my bike this morning, but there they are waiting outside, and we are blown along by the sea breeze to the spa centre in town. How lovely to be pampered so. I even drop off to sleep during my regenerating scrub!

After the spa we pick up the packed lunches we ordered last night and take off to a secluded lakeside beach where we share a picnic that brings back childhood memories... everything so perfect that we both nod off again, lulled by the sound of wind in the trees and light choppy water on the bank.

Day three

Although we didn't bring much luggage, packing up always marks the end of the stay. We still have some time before our flight home, so we have added on a trip to a Médoc château, suggested by our host, which is open free to visitors this weekend. We get an introduction to wine, and discover a common interest we were a thousand miles from imagining before this weekend.