Bordeaux, exciting and new!

Not so long ago, the buildings of Bordeaux were a sombre affair, dark with centuries of grime. The river was cut off by a fence sealing the port authority area, and the buses made the air smoky. Today it is a city transformed - cleaned and spruced up, to reveal bright, blonde stone. The river is now a beautiful walkway with trees, restaurants and wide open views, while a super clean and efficient tram way links up all the major parts of town.

A dramatic rebirth of the heritage that earned its UNESCO World Heritage status.

"Take Versailles, add Antwerp, and you have Bordeaux", said Victor Hugo. Today you can replace Antwerp with Barcelona. The beautiful Gironde puts the sun into its wine, while trendy bars, lively places and design shops are to be found on every street corner.

Rejuvenated, fulfilling, vibrant, soft on traffic with its tram, its bikes and electric cars, Bordeaux fits perfectly into the new trend of “slow tourism.”

Bordeaux takes on new challenges

When the city revived its links to the river, it also appropriated its future based around the river: with the opening of the Chaban-Delmas bridge, the development banks of the Garonne is continuing at full pace with the emergence of new districts - Ginko, the green district of Bacalan; around the railway station with the Euratlantique project; on the right bank, with the Brazza neighbourhood Bordeaux is flourishing!

In 2016, the opening of the City of the Civilizations of Wine, a place for unique discoveries and experiences, Bordeaux, economic world capital of wine, will also become its cultural capital.

Bordeaux - the embodiment of a certain art of living

At the gates of the most prestigious vineyard in the world, Bordeaux is also just 45 minutes from Arcachon Bay and a coastline famous for its beaches and surf, one hour from Cognac and its châteaux, one hour from the Perigord, two from the Basque Country and Toulouse. Bordeaux is the centre of the South-western art of living - a lifestyle acclaimed by the French, who have voted it their second favourite city after Paris. **

An exceptional lifestyle, which in 2017, will be only 2 hours from Paris by fast train!

Bordeaux welcomes everyone

A leading city in developments for the reception and integration of disabled people, in 2014 it was the first French territory to be labelled "Destination for all."

Bordeaux was named "Best European Destination 2015" in competition with twenty other European cities including Rome, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, and Athens, receiving over 42,000 online votes.

* Inspired by "slow food", a new travel concept that favours nearby destinations and cleaner transport.
** BVA survey, April 2013.