The top ten reasons for coming to the Médoc

  1. The beaches ;-)

  2. In the month of August, celebrate with the surfing champions!

  3. No danger for swimming with the children, just walk to the lake!

  4. The sunset is beautiful!

  5. Park your car and your bike will be your new best friend!

  6. All kinds of sports and activities are available - surfing, skateboarding, sailing and kite surfing!

  7. Even in high summer, you'll a deserted beach just for you

  8. The fragrance of the pines, farewell to pollution!

  9. Become a fan of sand between the toes

  10. Even in autumn, it's summer!


Ten free things to do

1. The sunset - unforgettable

2. Cycling around the Lake from Carcans to Hourtin

3. Jogging on the lake at sunrise

4. Spending the day at the children’s park at Port Hourtin, playing knights and princess

5. The markets ;-)

6. Discover the natural reservations of Médoc Ocean.

7. Broussaille treasure hunt, interactive puzzles for children 6 to 12 years old in Maubuisson

8. Go to Bernos Point on Lake Lacanau and pretend to be Robinson Crusoe

9. Outdoor summer concerts everywhere!

10. Walk on the beach