29 Feb 2020
Local events, Carnival, Parade, Entertainment


We are the people of Soulac, the Medoc and the World. We are wise and well-behaved children. We who braved the storms and squalls of winter. Accuse Mr. Carnaval of having dropped the trees in the forests and the gardens scary in passing the wild animals that WE CHILDREN want to protect. Accuse Mr. Carnival of bringing us colds and other sneezes. Accusations Mr. Carnival for bringing the cold hard that froze our hands and feet forbidding us to play outside. For all these reasons ... We children of Soulac and besides ask that Mr. Carnival be burned on the field so that return the sunny days. Bourreaux ... Work !!!! The Carnival will be followed by a boom at the Palais des Congrès!


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