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Duration : 0,5
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La Lagune de Contaut, un berceau de fraîcheur sous la chaleur d’été!

Discovering the trail "green" family Reserve dunes and marshes Hourtin accessible to all by his lack of difficulty, perfect for picnics cool. Ideal for summer visits away from heat, trail 1 km from the lagoon Contaut offers fresh and is right for your family getaways. Even your little ones will find it a soul of explorers coming to the meeting of the lagoon and animals that come refuge. His path easily accessible overcoming the marsh by a wooden walkway, perfectly integrated into the landscape allows you to go to the meeting of the flora and fauna of the lagoon. Surrounded by royal ferns, giant ferns those that give the impression to your children to immerse themselves in the time of dinosaurs. Surrounded by willows and reeds, are the dragonflies, turtles and herons that come up at the turn of the trail. Down the road, big and small you can hide behind the wooden fence to watch the birds hidden during the visit, now visible on the opposite bank through the long view. Your visit will end with a picnic on the tables provided for this purpose, offering the freshness of the lagoon in summer. To access it, what could be simpler, the lagoon is located close to the road leading to Hourtin beach, Contaut drive. The spirit of explorer of your toddlers is alert, forward!

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  • Type d'itinéraire : on foot
  • Difficulté : Easy

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Lagune de Contaut


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La Lagune de Contaut, un berceau de fraîcheur sous la chaleur d’été!