Les Palus
Les Palus
Distance : 3,8 km
Duration : 1h30
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Les Palus

Two hiking trails
The village of Queyrac offers a diversity of landscapes forest, vineyard,
Prairie and marshes thanks to its situation between ocean and estuary.
It is through these itineraries that you can discover a flora and
A varied fauna that surrounds this small dynamic community.
Its recently built church, late nineteenth century, came
Replacing a 12th-century Romanesque building that was
Demolished and whose stones were partly used for reconstruction
That we see today, under the direction of
The architect Bonnore, begun in 1896, it was inaugurated in
April 1901. Its characteristic silhouette dominates the vineyards
Surrounded by the noble vines of the Médoc.

The Palus
Hiking discovery of nature.
The variety of landscapes, flora and fauna,
Of crops make its interest.

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  • Type d'itinéraire : on foot
  • Difficulté : Very easy

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Les Palus