Longe Côte Médoc

Sport of well-being on the beach of Naïades.

A technique for strengthening the postural and peripheral muscles, the Body Zen also allows you to stretch, relax, relax and improve the overall tone of the body. This activity improves balance, coordination and concentration. Inspired by the soft gyms of the world (Pilates, Yoga, Taichi, ... Body Balance "Les Mills") and Swedish Gymnastics, the exercises and situations of Body Zen are realized and chained smoothly, with fluidity in the movements, allying taking of consciousness of the body in space, and concentration in equilibrium postures.

Two names are used to describe this aquatic recreation, namely, the coastline and the coastal water walk. A physical activity during which the walker or length reproduces in the aquatic environment the movements of the running. It is about walking in seawater and on a suitable route, with a good level of immersion. That is with a water depth below the diaphragm, minimum immersion above the waist.

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