The massage parlor is located in Carcans-Plage.
We offer a wide range of massage therapy techniques to meet all your needs. Whether for relaxation, reduction or prevention of pain or muscle tension, you will find a place to relieve your pain and give you a sense of well-being.

SWEDISH massage (relaxing or toning)
LOMI LOMI massage
Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
Deep tissue massage
Foot reflexology
Anti-aging facial massage

SWEDISH massage:
Swedish massage provides overall relaxation and well-being. Its relaxing and invigorating effect promotes better blood circulation and reduces muscle tension accumulated by daily activities. The benefits of this massage is well established.
Energetic or relaxing, you will find your account.

LOMI LOMI massage:
Lomi Lomi, also known as "forearm dance", is a Hawaiian massage reminiscent of wave movement. The practitioner uses his hands, his elbows and mainly his forearms to create a relaxing and stimulating massage. It deals with muscle tension, exhaustion, fatigue and stress.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage:
A massage inspired by ancient Thai techniques and yoga, this massage has the effect of revitalizing body energy with pressure exerted by thumbs, elbows and stretching postures.

Deep tissue massage:
A technique that promotes better tissue elasticity, myofascial and tissue relaxation. This massage is done without oil, which allows a better control on the muscular tensions.

Foot reflexology :
Deep foot massage, reflexology mobilizes the self-healing processes of the body by touching the reflexogenic points of the body.

Anti-aging facial massage:
The facial massage is an innovative, fluid and harmonious method that allows you to tone and plump the entire face with alternating dynamic techniques and smoothing and stroking techniques to reduce wrinkles, and to provide a lifting effect, favoring a beautiful natural complexion and inducing a deep relaxation and a real state of well-being

30 minutes = 30 €
1h = 60 €
1h30 = 85 €

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