Ô Sorbet d’Amour

Since 1935, Ô Sorbet d'Amour has been enjoying its artisanal creations for generations of gourmets.

The story continues now here in Lacanau-Océan on its beautiful Ortal alleys 15 meters from the sea front.

Our history…

Our House of tradition offers for more than 80 years its ice creations made on the Basin of Arcachon.
Our authentic and gastronomic recipes embody our brand and our House pursues its quest for Excellence by working with great chefs (François Adamski Best Worker of France and Bocuse d'Or, Michel Roth to always propose tasty creations.

Our label ...

Our House has received the label of the Collège Culinaire de France:
«Quality Craftsman Producer»

Founded by 15 internationally recognized French chefs including:
Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Michel Guérard,
Thierry Marx, Anne-Sophie PIC,
Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Pierre Troisgros ...,
The Collège Culinaire de France participates in the influence of French gastronomy. The Collège Culinaire de France is the reference institution of the French gastronomic culture, based on the values ​​and practices of the profession that originated from it.

This award is a pride for our House which is now one of the oldest artisanal glaciers in France.

Our map ...

The ice cream and sorbet menu consists of 105 original fragrances made from the best selected products (fresh milk from the dairy farm of Gujan-Mestras on the Bassin d'Arcachon, Bourbon vanilla bean from Madagascar, French chocolate Valrhona, ...) .
All our sorbets benefit from the name "Plein fruit" thanks to the composition which always includes more than 50% of fruits, guarantee of quality and flavors.

In your Lacanau-Ocean shop you will find 76 perfumes:

Map of ice cream Ô Sorbet d'Amour:
50 perfumes

Amarà © na - Banoffee - Buenissimo - Chocolate - Chocolate - Chocolate - Chocolate - Chocolate - Espresso Chocolate - Chocolate - Chocolate - Chocolate - Caramel - Caramel - Caramel - Caramel Chocolate - Honey - Mimosa - Mont Blanc - Hazelnut - Coconut - Pecan nut - Nougat - Nougatine - Nutella - Oreo - Pistachio - Platinum - Peanut croissant - Diamond - Maple macadamia - Orange flower - Ginger - Praline - Licorice - Rum grape - Pink - Speculoos - Stracciatella - Lemon pie - Tiramisu - Tutti plumber - Vanilla - Violet - Bulgarian yoghurt - Yogurt red fruits.

Map of sorbets Ô Sorbet d'Amour:

26 perfumes

Pineapple - Banana - Cassis - Black cherry - Lemon - Lemon basil
Lemon - Strawberry - Strawberry - Strawberry - Strawberry - Piquillos - Raspberry - Lichen - Mandarin - Mango - Melon - Mojito - Blueberry - Pink grapefruit - Passion - Pear - Chocolate sorbet - Yuzu .

The hardest part will be to make your choice! To guide you, do not hesitate to ask us ...

Are you attracted by other perfumes of the general map?
Do not hesitate to let us know your wishes, we will do our best to satisfy you ...

For more delicacies ...

You can choose from the Tulip, the Well of Love, the famous pancakes and waffles, the salted butter caramel Tofidou, the meringues with caramel flakes, the little hearts in nougatine ...

As an artisan, the wafers of Tulips, pancake and waffle pasta, Tofidou, meringues and nougatines are made in our workshop located on the Bassin d'Arcachon.

• Dessert menu Ô Sorbet of Love:

Ô Sorbet d'Amour also offers a menu of ice-cold specialties including the famous pinasse in nougatine, a boat that is the pride of the Bassin d'Arcachon and your tables.

Dessert card Ô Sorbet d'Amour (made to order):
Dune, Frozen Macaroon Farandoles, Rabbit, Frozen Macaroons (box of 6-12), Marmite, Mont Blanc, Norwegian Omelette, Opera, Pinasse, Pinassotte, Pear, Sofia, Meringue lemon tart, Tiramisu, Vacherin.

Without forgetting…

Finally, Ô Sorbet d'Amour offers you the opportunity to taste its ice creams and sherbets with formats to take away to enjoy still and always good things at home, with family and friends ...

Take-out formats: ½ liter, liter and 2.5 liters.

To note…

For our intolerant gourmets, you will find gluten-free ice cream and sorbet.
And of course, we offer you the detailed map of the compositions and thus bring you the best advice.

Pleased to welcome you…

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