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There will always be an event to make your stay here unforgettable, whether it is a cultural, sporting or original one. From Lacanau to Verdon-sur-Mer, not forgetting the Gironde Estuary, find out about the must-see events during your holiday!


Soirée “Jeux experts”

Association Arkhanasso - 17bis rue du moulin
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Médoc Atlantique

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Guided tours and excursions

Are you more interested in cultural or natural heritage sites? Médoc Atlantique has a rich history just waiting to be discovered. The guided tours will take you from the vineyards to the ocean, passing through the Gironde Estuary!

Promenons-nous dans les vignes

Promenons-nous dans les vignes


Saint-Vivien : du producteur à l’assiette

Phare de Cordouan

Phare de Cordouan


Visite de la basilique et du village ancien de Soulac

p'tit explo 2

Les aventures du p’tit explorateur


Visite de la réserve naturelle de l’étang de Cousseau

Lagune de Contaut - © Médoc Atlantique (19)

Visites dans la Réserve naturelle des dunes et marais d’Hourtin

Are you looking for inspiration?Come and experience all the ocean has on offer!

Are you finding it difficult to choose between all the walks, activities, thrills or relaxation? We will help you decide and ensure you have an unforgettable holiday here with friends or family in Médoc Atlantique!

Vingnes Vensac - © Médoc Atlantique (5)
An invitation to embark on a journey

Tasting the wines of Médoc

Wine-tasting in Médoc is an absolute must for your holidays here. In Médoc there are 8 prestigious ...

Le surf à Lacanau - (C) Djé - 1 moment 1 image
This is the perfect place for surfing!

Learn how to surf

From Lacanau to Cordouan, surfing has been the most popular activity over the past few years. It is ...

Fillette lac Hourtin - © Isabelle Magendie

Walks along the Gironde Estuary

The Gironde Estuary is the result of the magnificent combination of the Dordogne and the Garonne, an ...

Phare de Cordouan - © Médoc Atlantique (8)

The Médoc Lighthouses

The Cordouan Lighthouse is not to be missed in Médoc. It is the most famous and one of the most mag ...

Famille océan 1 - © Isabelle Magendie - plage de Lacanau - Médoc Atlantique

Beaches, the ocean and lakes

Do you fancy a swim? Médoc Atlantique is the perfect destination for a beach holiday with its 124 k ...

Plage Soulac - © Médoc Atlantique (88)

Médoc Atlantique à votre rythme

En famille, entre amis ou en couple, faites une pause le temps d'un week-end ou d'une semaine à Mé ...



Make the most of the ocean or lake to go surfing, try out water sports, set off on the long cycle pa ...


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