Running de 10/15 km à Lacanau

Walking/pedestrian ,  Loop ,  Natural at Lacanau

  • From Lacanau, you head Moutchic by the cycle track. There is something for 5km You leave Lacanau via Huga and attack a slight false flat to the junction with the track going towards Cousseau on the left. Continue straight, the track becomes flat and even rolling. In Moutchic, turn right on the beach to find the bike path to Carreyre. The track crosses the road at the home of Commander. Continue for 5 km and turn right to return to Lacanau along the long straight. Once past the sewage plant, you enter the forest and follow the track until Baganais district where you will find the signs to reach your holiday destination.
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  • Un jogging qui fait mal aux chevilles...

    Que du dur, le côté du chemin est en terre mais peu sûr point de vue stabilité du pied. En dehors de cela c'est boisé, légèrement vallonné et assez sympa. Bref, fait pour les jeunes et pas pour les vieilles carcasses ...