Vedettes La Bohême - Visite du Phare de Cordouan

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  • Distant from the port of Pointe-de-Grave 4.7 miles, 8km, the lighthouse Cordouan, the oldest lighthouse in France, listed in the historic monument, stands majestically at the entrance to the Gironde Estuary. Nicknamed the "Versailles" of the sea, it is one of the must-see monuments of the region.

    Important: A multi-year restoration plan was initiated during the months of October to April, that is, outside the summer season. Therefore, due to the work in progress and any inconvenience generated, a reduced rate will be applied during the month of April. After a pleasant stroll at sea, you will land on the plateau of Cordouan for a dream stop, during which the guards of the lighthouse will welcome you for an exciting guided tour. NEW AND EXCLUSIVE: the landing is done with an amphibious annex with wheels for more comfort and safety.
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  • Bei Sonne + Ebbe, wenig Wind

    Ein super Erlebnis, aber mit kurzer Hose und Badeschuhen