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More than a sport, surfing is a real institution in Lacanau. For 60 years, from Caraïbos Lacanau Pro to family surfing lessons, Lacanau Océan has been one of the leading destinations for lovers of the ocean and the swell. An ideal playground where water is omnipresent, you will not be able to decline its invitation. Learning techniques, history, life at the rhythm of the tides, surf shop tours, follow the guide and catch the wave.

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The arrival of surfing in Lacanau

Paul Feletou, Francis Maugard, Jacques Hèle are among the first to have surfed in Lacanau-Océan. It was in Biarritz that most of them discovered this sport from Polynesian lands. In the waves of the Plage des Basques they rubbed shoulders and made friends with the "surfing tontons" André Plumcoq, Robert Bergeruc, Pierre Laharrague, Joseph and Jo Moraïz, Bruno Reinhardt, Rott and Barland. With this sport still confidential at the time, the surfers ensured the show and astonished the summer people and the locals. From these long salty days, he brought back his first long board to Lacanau-Ocean at the end of the summer of 1962. The strange board was not long in becoming all the rage and the curious were quick to order their own surfboards. A trend was born! A few years later, in 1968, the young Serge Roy had the idea of creating a surf club: the Lacanau Surf Club. It was the first in Gironde and one of the first in France!

Try your hand at surfing

Novice, you always wanted to try to walk on the water and take the wave like a pro? Well, Lacanau Océan has about twenty surf schools! It's up to you to find the one that will suit you best and get in the water!

Surf à Lacanau

Spots de surf et de glisse à Lacanau

Buy the complete surfer's kit

Meet a shaper

This little-known profession consists of designing and creating surfboards, made to measure, for an optimal and personalised glide. Many of them have settled in Lacanau and in the neighbouring towns, and they will be happy to show you their artistic work.

Visit the surfshops

From spring onwards, the surf shops are open and the temptations start again. Flowery swimming costumes, the latest wetsuits, wax, decoration or trendy accessories, you are bound to find what you're looking for on the Ortal lanes and the seafront. And if you come back at All Saints' Day, you may be lucky enough to come across the end of season sales!


A little vocabulary

Not convinced or not yet ready to jump in the water? Don't worry, if you don't understand surfing jargon, here's a little bit of vocabulary to tell you about it during your coffee break. 

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Le Lacanau Pro

The surfing event not to be missed!

In 1979, the famous "Lacanau Pro" was born, the first professional surfing competition in France. Even today, all the surfing professionals meet there to challenge each other on this third stage of the European Qualification Tour (QS). Some of the biggest names in surfing have been there, such as Tom Curren, Martin Potter, Damien Hardman, Kelly Slater or Gabriel Medina.

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