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Vensac is a charming little village just waiting to be discovered in the heart of Médoc Atlantique. Vensac is situated in a preserved natural area with great walks through the forests and wild dunes. Come and spend quality time with family here while visiting the Vensac windmill, and enjoy the night-time market to discover the local Médoc specialities. There is a large choice of accommodation here, choose from the many campsites, holiday rentals and guesthouses just waiting to welcome you.

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Vensac windmill

An institution!

Make sure you don't miss the Vensac Windmill which is still in operation. This 19th Century windmill still produces flour for every visit. It is possible to try your hand at this ancient practice and make your own flour and take a bag home with you. This is a great activity for the whole family.

Moulin Vensac - Médoc Atlantique

Nature walks

Take a walk or cycle along the coastal paths, through forests or vineyards and discover the remarkable fauna this area has to offer. Explore the Médoc vineyards and the wine-making estates with visits, tasting sessions and walks through the vines.

Plage de Vensac -
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The Thursday evening market

Not to be missed!

During the summer season, you can really immerse yourself in the true village atmosphere at the night-time market on Thursday evenings. Fill your basket and taste local specialities at the stalls in a festive and musical atmosphere.

Marché nocturne de Vensac
Marché nocturne Vensac © Médoc Atlantique
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During the summer there are big life-size dolls, called Mounaques, set up all over the village. This all started in 2001, when two locals made life-size models of the characters of the village. Since then, the locals play along and make the most beautiful dolls with a different theme each year.

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