Holidays in Naujac-sur-Mer

Naujac-sur-Mer is an unspoilt place known for its surf spot "Pin Sec", nestled in the heart of the pine forest of the Gascogne moorland. In addition to surfing, bike lovers and hikers can discover this small seaside resort full of charm.

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Pin Sec

A surfer's paradise

At Pin Sec, there is a huge campsite, the "camping du Pin Sec", and a few bars and restaurants. There is a young, family-oriented and relaxed atmosphere here and everyone lives for and breathes surfing! The ocean is the main event and the people here live in sync with the sun, the tides and the waves. Every evening, come and watch the spectacular sunset. It's a moment when holidaymakers and locals come together as one.


I love watching the sunset from the bunker!

Naujac: the village and church

A little bit of history

The village square of Naujac-sur-Mer and its shops make this village an animated one all year round, but the church here hides a very different history...

The centre of this village is located inland and the most distinctive feature is Sainte-Philomène Church, built between 1852 and 1860. The church steeple and bell were added in 1893. This is a truly unique specimen in Médoc, with its combination of stones, sandstone and bricks with panelled archway. The decorative bells and clock mechanism known as "Tiffauges" are also remarkable.

The wood used here has come from ships, hinting that maybe the local people at that time were wreckers. They would collect, maybe unknowingly, the remains of shipwrecks which were washed ashore at Pin Sec.


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