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Talais is traditional Médoc-style village, close to the ocean beaches and the Gironde Estuary. You will enjoy the unexpected, picturesque beauty of the old oyster port with the little white and blue huts, right at the heart of the marshlands where you can stop for a gourmet treat, far from the summer crowds.

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The charm of the "carrelet" fishing huts

On the shores of the Gironde Estuary

In Talais, you are right on the shores of the Gironde Estuary. The "carrelet" fishing huts are dotted along the shoreline and give this place an atmosphere of absolute peace and tranquility.  Fishing from these fishing huts is an old tradition here. Big square nets hang from the end of these fishing huts on stilts, known as "carrelets". At high tide, the fisherman lowers the net using a pulley, and then brings it up quickly, hopefully trapping the fish which are swimming around between the net and the surface of the water.

Médoc oysters

Talais is well-known for its oyster port and here we can really see the passion for the Médoc oyster! Since 2014, this passion has been revived with the reintroduction of oyster maturing in the salt marshes, after several years of shortages, along the estuary.

Taste oysters in the Médoc

"From the producer to the plate"

For a more detailed visit, providing all the information you need about the Médoc oysters and gambas, come and participate in the "Du producteur à l'assiette" (from the producer to the plate) visit in Saint-Vivien-de-Médoc. This visit is organised by the Tourist Office and is an opportunity to find out about oyster and prawn production in the Médoc.

Du producteur à l'assiette - Terroir Médoc Atlantique

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