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Come and visit in low season

In low season, Médoc Atlantique is a bit quieter, for a relaxing, simple holiday. In the spring or in September/October, when the weather is still good, all the shops are open and the activities are not all fully booked, there's more space on terrace areas and accommodation is cheaper. You also have the early November holidays with Halloween and the appearance of mushrooms, or even the Christmas holidays when you'll have the ocean to yourself. Are you tempted? Come and see the Médoc Atlantique in a different light!

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Just before and after high season: peace and quiet at low prices

June and September is the perfect time to come and take advantage of the low prices and avoid the summer crowds. Accommodation is cheaper, it's the season for sales in the shops, beaches are less crowded and terrace areas are more accessible.

Accommodation at low prices

Just before and after the high season, accommodation is available and at attractive prices! Campsites, holiday villages, tourist residences, guesthouses or holiday rentals open up as soon as the good weather arrives and it's the perfect time to take advantage, before the July/August crowds arrive. Are you tempted? All you have to do is book the time off work!



The beaches just for you

Outside of the busy summer holiday period, the beaches will be yours to enjoy, to wander along barefoot in the sand. If the temperature is high enough, you could even go for a swim in the sea as some beaches are supervised from May until the end of September. All alone in the world, this is the perfect time to start building up your tan slowly, or to enjoy the last sunny days of the summer.

Kitesurf 2 - © Isabelle Magendie
Isabelle Magendie

Peaceful and stress-free activities

There are so many sports and outdoor activities to choose from, at the heart of the pine forest, in the water of Lacanau and Carcans-Hourtin lakes, in the Atlantic waves or along the Gironde Estuary. It's up to you, you can go at your own pace, on your own, with a group or a trainer, you can take lessons or rent equipment, to enjoy all the area has to offer!

Restaurants in a peaceful setting

Do you fancy lunch out on the terrace or a drink whilst watching the sunset? Look no further and do not resist the temptation to come just before or after high season. All you need to do is make a reservation, it could be a last-minute decision on the day, for a weekend, or a longer holiday, come and enjoy this quiet period!



Shopping at low prices

The large number of shops here will give you a warm welcome and help you prepare yourself for the summer, to get all the beach outfits, toys, sports equipment or holiday souvenirs you need. The sales and end-of-season promotions will come just at the right time so that you don't break the bank!




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