Atelier d’artiste Joëlle Kem Lika

Look ... feel ... manifest my love of nature, its power, its orgasmic energy, a life drive, which gives birth and is expressed in an infinity of forms: flowers, light of the skies, solar flares, shimmers in the 'water… painter “ocean”, I like to seize the wave at the moment when it explodes or radiates under the lights….

I like the vibration that arises from the tension between figurative and abstract.
Lack of defined framework, imprecision of the horizon lines, floating focal point, close-ups, saturation of the field, bright colors like nature, working with a knife, allow me to open a door on the Imaginary, the infinite… . mine, that of the spectator ...

Acrylic on canvas, paper, watercolors, India ink or colors, I chose techniques of immediacy, of energy explosion, fast drying, which require a sustained rhythm, a subtle game between mastery and letting go, intention and surprise. Seize the essence of this life drive ... ancestral and so contemporary.

After having created 2 galleries, in Paris, and near Chablis, I settle in Lacanau, and work a lot abroad: Usa, (New York, Houston, Raleigh, Washington, Miami ...), London, Rome , Berlin….

This place is a workshop, in which I will paint, and will welcome

French, EnglishPayment cards, Chèques Vacances, Cash
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