Boucle de l’Estuaire à VTT

Distance : 10,4 kmDuration : 3hType d'itinéraire : by mountain bikeDifficulté : Very easy

Starting from the town centre of Valeyrac or the charming port of Goulée, take this hiking trail through the famous Médoc vineyards and observe the immensity of the Gironde estuary from the mattes.
There are some remarkable viewpoints to enjoy.
An ideal family outing for a breath of fresh air.

Please note that these routes are shared with pedestrians. Be careful, as some sections of these trails are narrow and in poor condition.

You will love
  • a change of scenery
  • remarkable views
Departure from the church

In the centre of Valeyrac, discover this beautiful church on the square, then take the rue du 19 mars 1962 and walk past the old communal well.

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The estuary

At the next crossroads, turn left along the cemetery to the stop sign. Go straight on until you reach the Cantelaude crossroads, watch out for cars. At the crossroads, take the path as far as the estuary and then follow the dyke to the right.

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carrelet - OT Médoc Atlantique
Estuary view

Like the Goulée loop, you can observe the different bird and plant species along the estuary and, above all, admire the magnificent view of the opposite shore. On a clear day, you'll be able to see the cliffs and carrelets of Charente.

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les mattes - OT Medoc Atlantique

On your right is the Valeyrac matte, farmland cultivated since the 17th century, where peace and quiet reign. At the signpost, turn right and take the wooded path to the road.

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The vines

Turn left and then first right onto the Route des Sarrasins. You will come to a wine-growing landscape. Continue straight on until you come to the crossroads with Rue des Acacias, on your left is the former wine estate of Ladignac, hence the name of the place. Turn right into rue des Acacias, and before the crossroads on your left, you will see the magnificent Château Ricaudet Troussas.

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At the crossroads, go straight ahead on route du Mourey, then left on route des pins. Go straight ahead and turn right onto route de Bégadan to reach Valeyrac town centre.

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Church of Notre Dame de Valeyrac
Church of Notre Dame de Valeyrac

The parish of Valeyrac was first mentioned in 1317. Since the Middle Ages, it has been part of the archpriesthood of Lesparre. Unfortunately, nothing remains of the original parish today, as the commune had a new church built in 1850. Paul Abadie, the architect in charge of the project, submitted plans, estimates and specifications for a neo-Romanesque church. His name is mentioned on the altar of the Virgin. The work was then monitored and supervised by Jean Hosteing, an architect from the Médoc. The work was completed in 1858 and the fittings in 1892 with the installation of the bell.

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Château Ricaudet Troussas

By 1868, production had risen to 130 barrels on the Troussas estate, thanks to Philippe Brannens. In 1877, he commissioned the architect Bonnore to build the château that was first named after the locality in 1880. In 1890, it was renamed Château de Ricaudet-Troussas to distinguish it from a château bearing the same name. The château remained in the Brannens family until early 1950.

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Walking itineraries

There is nothing like a good walk to recharge your batteries! Come and enjoy the hiking trails, itineraries and marked trails. Breathe in the fresh air of the nature reserves, take the path to Soulac-sur-Mer or take a walk through the Médoc vineyards, just follow the guide!

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