Tèrra Aventura : Jusqu’à la fin des Terres

"Terra Aventura is an original walk, a treasure hunt of a few kilometres that allows you to discover the territory, the local heritage and anecdotes, while playing.

Equipped with the free smartphone application "Terra Aventura", the family is ready for the adventure! With clues to find, riddles to solve and a treasure to search for, young and old alike choose to explore the playground they want... with the excitement of finding the grail: the Poï'z. These are small characters (with a strong character!) who inhabit the world of "Terra Aventura", to be collected throughout all of the courses in France.

This fantastic universe allows you to share special moments with your children while discovering often unusual places. In Soulac-sur-Mer, you can embark on the adventure "Jusqu'à la Fin-des-Terres", thanks to a 3 kilometre route (accessible to pushchairs!): the resort will soon reveal all its secrets!

Visit the website and the mobile application "Terra Aventura".

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Activities in Soulac-sur-Mer

If for you, holidays rhyme with activity, find all the good plans to not get bored during your stay! Surfing, tree climbing, museums and much more await you in Soulac-sur-Mer! The opportunity to create a lot of memories with friends or family.

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