Concert violoncelle
Dans le cadre de Musiques à Versailles - Fevrier 2018

Faithful to its guidelines, the Musical'Océan Festival brings together internationally renowned performers with a broad and demanding programme. It strives to find a balance between famous names of the music world and young up-and-coming talents, each musician bringing with him an original artistic proposal.

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See you from 18 to 20 April 2024

To find all the latest news, consult the festival programme or find out more about the artists, go to our agenda or directly to the festival website below.

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Quality performances

In its constant search for excellence, Musical'Océan offers its listeners a wide range of musical styles served by nationally and even internationally renowned musicians.

The variety and originality of the programmes as well as the brilliant interpretation of the musicians arouse the enthusiasm of the public.

It has become a major event in Lacanau and the region.

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