Lancer de tongs

The World Flip Flop Throwing Championship

One of a kind!

A Tong Throwing World Championship? No, you're not dreaming, the event does exist in Gironde, in Médoc Atlantique, on the Moutchic beach in Lacanau. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 11 August 2024 from 10am to 5pm!

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Championnat du Monde de Lancer de Tong
Championnat du Monde de Lancer de Tong
How does it work?

This year's teams consist of two members and are divided into several categories:

  • Junior: teams of young prodigies, aged between 10 and 15, ready to show off their flip-flop throwing skills.
  • Family: teams where one member is aged 15 or over and the other is a younger brother or sister under 15. It's the perfect opportunity for intergenerational bonding!
  • Adult: teams of seasoned throwers, all aged 15 or over, determined to prove that experience makes the difference!

The principle is simple but hilarious: the first player has to throw a flip-flop as far as possible with his foot, while his team-mate has to catch it before it hits the ground. In 2015, performances reached new heights, with records of 32.38 m and 39.56 m for the Junior and Senior categories respectively.

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Personnes regardant la compétition
Rules and Registration

Wearing flip-flops weighing no more than 225 grams, each team attempts to beat these records in a crazy atmosphere. The show is guaranteed to go on, with laughter, improvised acrobatics and improbable feats. Whether you're a competitor or a spectator, this event promises to be a memorable and colourful day. So grab your flip-flops and come and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Lacanau!

All the details can be found in the competition rules >

Les gagnants 2023 sur le podium
The 2024 program - See you on August 11!

10 a.m.: Village opening, number collection, scrutineering and free practice sessions
From 10.45am: Opening of the event and parade of competitors
11am - 1pm: Start of competition, qualifying phase
1pm - 2pm: Lunch break
2pm - 4:30pm: Finals
4:30 pm: Results and prize-giving followed by a concert

Carte de l'implantation de l'événement
The location of the event

The World Tong Throwing Championships take place at Plage du Moutchic, where a full range of facilities welcome participants and spectators alike. Several competition pitches are set aside for the events, surrounded by catering areas where you can enjoy refreshments and nibbles. A central stage enlivens the event with various ceremonies and entertainment, creating a festive atmosphere. Practical facilities such as toilets and a welcome point ensure that visitors can find their way around. What's more, a nearby car park provides easy access to the site, allowing everyone to enjoy this unique event in a spectacular, well-equipped setting.

Refreshment and catering

Refreshment bar and catering area run by AS Lacanau Rugby and Lacanau Océ'Hand.

At the refreshment area :
1€: coffee
2€ : soft drink
3€: 33cl Canaulaise draught beer + rosé wine
5€: 50cl draught Canaulaise beer
Returnable Ecocup (1€)

For catering:
2€ : Tray of chips
3€ : Chipolata or merguez sandwich, croque monsieur, galette saucisse
2€ : Sweet crepe

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