Route des vins du Médoc
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Drive along the famous Médoc wine route to discover the art of wine-making! Come and take part in a tasting session, visit the vineyards and go on a guided tour to learn all about the history and expertise of the 8 Appelations d’Origine Controlée (Protected Designation of Origin) and the winegrowers of the Médoc. This route is also known as the Route des Chateaux and goes from Bordeaux to the Pointe de Grave, come and observe the architectural heritage and explore the area.

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The Médoc vineyards cover 16,500 hectares and are without a doubt the most famous in the world. Divided into 8 Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée (Protected Designation of Origin), these wines can be discovered by following the authentic departmental road, the D2. From the North of Médoc to the South, Haut Médoc, Saint Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint Julien, Listrac, Moulis en Médoc and Margaux all form a remarkable territory with an array of local delights to be discovered.

Visit a wine estate

The wine route covers 80 km and is brimming with wine estates, known as "chateaux". Composed of the most prestigious buildings and family homes, you will enjoy visiting these estates with the winegrowers themselves. Come and visit the fermenting room and barrel storehouse, learn about the wine-making techniques, you will leave the place as a real wine expert! Feast your eyes on the beautiful architecture and remarkable landscapes in and around these estates.

Taste the wines of Médoc

In the Médoc you will not be disappointed with the wide variety of wines on offer for tasting. The sixty Grands Crus Classés 1855, the large number of winegrowing estates, from Cru Bourgeois to Cru Artisan, and the cooperative wineries. Médoc wines are primarily red and the perfect accompaniment for a wide variety of dishes. After a tasting session with a professional, you will know which ones are an ideal match, how they should be tasted, how to identify the different flavours and the duration for which certain wines should be preserved!

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As a perfect ending to their holiday in Lacanau Océan, I decided to take some friends and their 7 year-old son to discover the famous Médoc vineyard. They absolutely loved it!

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