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Tasting the wines of Médoc

An invitation to embark on a journey

Wine-tasting in Médoc is an absolute must for your holidays here. In Médoc there are 8 prestigious names, each with their own history and character. From the big wine estates to the small family-owned vineyards, come and meet the people who make all of this possible.

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The art of wine tasting

Wine-tasting in 3 steps

The art of wine-tasting is to use 3 of your senses: sight, smell and taste. Firstly, admire the colour of the wine with the violet, ruby, garnet red or brown hints. The more the wine sticks to the sides of the glass, the rounder the wine. Secondly, try to detect the scents of the wine. Finally, it's time to taste whether it is a strong wine or not, and to unearth the flavours and tannin within!

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