Circuit de La Chapelle3
Circuit de La Chapelle3
Distance : 2,9 km
Duration : 0,45
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Circuit de La Chapelle

Discover the commune of Jau Dignac and Loirac, former island of the estuary of the Gironde.
At the turning of a path you can see the Lizard Green Lacerta Viridis basking in the sun or a European Cistude Ernis Orbicularis ...

No difficulty, no difference in height.
Discovery hike through the archaeological site of "La Chapelle Saint-Siméon", the near, the mattes, passing through the hamlet and the Port of Goulée.

Length: 2.9 km
Time: 0h45
Departure: Port of Goulée

Further information

  • Type d'itinéraire : on foot
  • Difficulté : Very easy

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Circuit de La Chapelle