Etang de Cousseau - © David Remazeilles (9)

Le sentier de la Réserve Naturelle de l’étang de Cousseau

Distance : 7,5 kmDuration : 2h30Type d'itinéraire : on footDifficulté : Average

Discovering the secrets of unspoiled nature, walks of the Cousseau reserve available to you to make treat for the eyes and make you quickly forget the way to access it! Explore this natural sanctuary whose distance to civilization makes its wealth. Indeed to come walk the path of the reserve must not be afraid to turn back time and take the risk to cross its diversity of environments. From the dune to the wooded marshes, discoveries will be the RDV! You can observe flora whose molinie, nice grass, is one of its representatives: look, a beautiful butterfly landed on is probably a coenonympha oedippus ... At a bend: wildlife! Waiting to see one point his nose, follow the fresh tracks in the sand left by otters. Looking up, you watch the raptor's probably a black kite, an osprey or if you're even luckier, a circaète Jean-le-Blanc in search of reptiles which it feeds. Turning our gaze to the pond, it is probably a summer teal and mallard you see coming off color contrasting with the intense blue of the pond. If you come winter, it's even more species that will offer your observation. To get there? Since Lacanau City, just before Lacanau, turn right at the roundabout towards Carcans-Maubuisson, the D6E1. Since Carcans, Maubuisson just after turn left in the direction of Lacanau, the D6E1. On this road indicated the car park of the nature reserve, in the locality Marmande. The walking trail (1.5 km long) loops along the lake and in the forest, with a view from the observation platform. Bike paths allow to reach the bicycle parking Regue Verte, or Lesperon, near the promenade loop. As in every nature reserve, discretion and patience are de rigueur for hope to detect all these mysteries! The wealth of these places is to respect, indeed any other means of locomotion that cycling is prohibited. Dogs are allowed, but only if leashed. Finally, camping, fire, picking or introduction of species are prohibited. In summer, remember to bring hat or cap, to bring water in sufficient quantity because the heat can be strong there and a mosquito lotion, and theft for your bicycle. Now that you're all set, go!

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