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The natural environment here in Médoc Atlantique is somewhat wild, hiding a wealth of surprises and treasures. This destination is brimming with natural beauty, almost wild and wonderfully preserved, there will always be something new to discover here! You don't necessarily have to venture off the beaten track to appreciate all the wildlife the Médoc has to offer, follow the marked paths and trails.

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Réserve naturelle de l'étang de cousseau
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Meeting the local population... one-of-a-kind!

The locals of Médoc are fiercely proud of their region!

As you stroll along the shores of the Médoc lakes, you will enjoy learning all about the history of the marshes and you'll know all there is to know about the life of otters, wild boars, herons or even the fishermen. Depending on the season, the visit will be different.

When the summer season is upon us, come and admire the sluggish ways of the European pond turtle. This turtle loves taking a nap in the sun to warm up. But you need to remain discreet because this turtle does not like being disturbed or even observed too closely during its nap. Where's the best place to go? Without a doubt, Contaut Lagoon in Hourtin.

When the days start getting shorter and the autumn colours appear, nature offers us a spectacular moment, just as rare as it is special: the bellowing of the stag. This is when the stags choose to show off their masculinity, to show the power of their roar and seduce their chosen one, thus ensuring their progeny.

As soon as the temperatures start to decrease in Northern Europe, gray cranes begin their winter migration to more Southern climates, and often decide to settle in Médoc. They find shelter for the nights, and also a hiding place for their food somewhere in the surrounding farming lands in the day. This means they can be seen flying back and forth every day. They fly in a V formation and their bugle calls can be heard up to 3 kilometres away!

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